This Stays Between Us


This Stays Between Us: A Fantastical, Dialogical Archive is a collaborative project between Dena Al-Adeeb and Nada Shalaby. It involves the creation of a quasi-fictive archive by two subjects in dialogue, each presenting and responding to images, video, text, and other material relating to personal memories and historical narratives of the city of Cairo. The generated archive evokes the space between fantasy and reality, including photographs, video, animated GIFs and material from historical documents and popular culture. 

The project is presented online and through lecture performances, most recently at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland. A segment of the project, Part I: Huda at the Station, was published online in October 2016 by Contemptorary as part of Feature #2: Permanent Collections. 


  This Stays Between Us  public   lecture performance at  Pro Arts Gallery  (Oakland, California) May 4, 2016

This Stays Between Us public lecture performance at Pro Arts Gallery (Oakland, California)
May 4, 2016